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Sesenta Cava

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Sixty Vines' Sustainable Bubble Label
Carbon neutral vine to glass
Wine Bottle

Green from Vine To Glass

Pop the bubbles! Sixty Vines is thrilled to announce the release of our first ever carbon neutral wine label – Sesenta Cava. Sesenta is CarbonHero certified, meaning the production, transportation and admin functions of the importation of Sesenta to our restaurants is recognized as 100% carbon neutral through carbon offset initiatives. Join the movement to #sipsustainably with Sesenta Cava next time you visit Sixty Vines!

Texas Regenerative Grazing
  • Mimics the way bison graze on an open prairie, which naturally stimulates an increase in growth of native prairie grasses.
  • Studies show that deep-rooted prairie plants capture and store as much CO2 as tropical rainforests
Forest Management in Tennessee
  • Protects over 8,600 acres of forest in eastern Tennessee
  • Sequesters approximately 38,000 metric tons of CO2 annually
Landfill Gas Capture in Florida
  • Captures the methane produced from decomposing materials and prevents methane from releasing into the atmosphere
  • Offsets 42,000 metric tons per year
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Grapes: Macabeo, Xarel-lo, Parellada

Clean, bright and dry: This is a textbook example of traditional Cava profile and sets a very high bar for those new to the style. Cava is generally lighter and drier in style than Champagne, with no need to hide behind sweetness; there is plenty of fruit from ripe grapes. 100% of production made in Método Tradicional (traditional method) where the second fermentation happens after bottling.