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Every Tap Tells a Story

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Remember Wine Tasting?

Sipping wine, comparing notes, learning about the grape and the winemaking process, then belting out tunes on the tour bus back… dude, I’ve missed that! 

Or how about the sharing of plates, the clinking of glasses, the head thrown back– full-on belly laughs that come with dining out? We as a culture have long valued this experience, but now more than ever, we crave it. 

While sales data tells us we’ve all been tasting LOTS of wine in the comfort of our homes, there’s nothing quite like wine poured by a wine geek, sharing their passion, stories and knowledge with you.

Things might be a little different right now but we still believe in the importance of a communal experience and the joy that can come from wine tasting. You can walk into Sixty Vines any day of the week and experience the beautiful marriage between wine country shareables and wine, but today we want to transport you to the vineyard– to learn about the wine and the winemaker, and feel that sense of pride and excitement about what you’re sipping.

Behind The Tap

The truth is, that earthy pinot noir you’re enjoying over a charcuterie board with your besties has a story behind it. The vineyard, the winemakers, the grapes, the soil, supplies, suppliers, all the way down to the keg; it all has a rich history of hard work, determination and desire. And if it’s poured from a keg at Sixty Vines, rest assured it’s also deeply rooted in purpose. 

Luckily, you don’t need to jump on a plane to Paso to fully immerse yourself in the culture of a world-class vineyard. We’ve brought the vineyard to you, and with it, an opportunity to learn, sip and celebrate some awesome winemakers!

Sixty Days of Tablas Creek At Sixty Vines

For 60 days beginning June 16th, Sixty Vines will feature the wines of Tablas Creek Vineyard. We’ll transport you (figuratively) to Paso Robles, California, where the son of Tablas Creek Vineyard founder and renowned importer and winemaker Jason Haas and his winemaking team are making outstanding strides in the wine and agricultural industries. If you can’t jump on a plane and fly to wine country, jump in a car and have a seat at Sixty Vines- adventure awaits. 

The best part: Through our close relationship with Tablas, we’ve secured several wines exclusive to Sixty Vines. You’ll find them pouring freely from our  “Exploratory Tap” that hosts  a rotating tap of Tablas Creek wine- these are wines we can’t wait to share with you!  In addition, Sixty Vines’ Gene Zimmerman will host our first in-person wine tasting of 2021 with Jason Haas at Sixty Vines. If you decide to join us you’ll enjoy a curated menu made to pair with incredible selections from Tablas Creek!

A Match Made In Heaven…

Why Tablas Creek?  Simple- we can’t get enough of their distinctive, Rhone-style wine and we’re also stoked by the alignment of our core values of sustainability, discovery, adventure, an unpretentious attitude & overflowing abundance. Our kegged wine is not just a differentiator – wine on tap is more sustainable and economical than bottled wine. Even better, there’s no sacrifice to the quality of the wine. Due to a reduction in oxygen reaching the wine with each pour, kegged wine is served more closely to the condition in which it was originally kegged. It’s as close as you can get to “from the barrel” without being at the vineyard!

Tablas Creek makes their wine the way nature intended, and we serve wine the way the winemakers intended. It’s really a match made in heaven (which equates to wine country in our book).

Get to Know Tablas

Tablas Creek sits on a picturesque, limestone-rich, 120-acre organic estate vineyard in the hills North and West of Paso Robles. The vineyard is the combination of two leading families of the winemaking industry: The Perrins, who own Chateau de Beaucastel, and the Haases, owners ofVineyard Brands. The two families have been operating Tablas Creek together as a well-balanced duo since 1987. They are now on the second generation of winemakers who continue the tradition of quality, expertise, and sustainability.

Explained in-depth on the Tablas website, they feature a lush variety of Rhone-style wines, “importing new cuttings of Mourvedre, Grenache, Syrah, Counoise, Roussanne, Marsanne, Viognier, Grenache Blanc and Picpoul Blanc from the Beaucastel estate.”

Behind The Winemakers

(The following information was gathered from the Tablas Creek, Vineyard Brands, and Chateau de Beaucastel websites, which have so much fascinating information, check them out!)

Let’s Start With The Prestigious Famille Perrin

Jacques Perrin, who oversaw the award-winning Chateau de Beaucastel from the 1950s to the 1970s has a reputable history in viniculture as a pioneer of organic farming and for leading the regeneration of traditional grape varieties.  The estate is now being carried on by his children, Jean-Pierre and Francois, and their children, Marc, Pierre, Thomas, Cecile, Charles, Mathieu, and Cesar.  Together they are referred to, adorably, as the Famille Perrin and have been inducted into Primum Familiae Vini, which means First Families of Wine.

While traveling to France on business in the 1950s, Robert Haas gained a reputation as a wine taster, building long-lasting relationships with the region’s winemakers. 

By the 1960s he achieved viniculture greatness by importing wines from prestigious estates such as Bordeaux, the Loire, Alsace and, of course, the Rhone Valley, where he met Jaque Perrin of Chateau de Beaucastel. 

Soon after, Robert Haas became the exclusive importer of the Rhone-style grapes from Chateau de Beaucastel.  The families developed a relationship after traveling the states together promoting French wine, and by 1987, Tablas Creek was born! 

Creating authentic Rhone-style wine is no simple task, and Tablas Creek does the job with precision.

“To provide ourselves with the high quality Rhone grape varieties we wanted for our own vineyard, we imported new cuttings of Mourvedre, Grenache, Syrah, Counoise, Roussane, Marsanne, Viognier, Grenache Blanc, and Picpoul Blanc from the Beaucastel estate. These plants all went through a rigorous USDA-mandated 3 year quarantine to ensure they were free of virus.”

In 1992 Tablas Creek planted rootstock fields and built grafting facilities and greenhouses to propagate and graft the cuttings, which produced the grapevines planted in their estate vineyard by 1994.  Since 1996, Tablas Creek has sold nearly 5 million of these cuttings to more than 600 vineyards and wineries all over the United States.

They continue to import grapes today.  They imported new cuttings from the Rhone Valley in 2003, which were first released from quarantine in 2010, and the last in 2017.  They continue to invite growers who are interested in planting Tablas Creek vines. 

Organic, Biodynamic, Regenerative Agriculture

The winemakers at Tablas Creek are leading the industry in organic & biodynamic practices, and that’s the kind of vineyard we get behind. Not only has the vineyard been certified organic since 2003, it also boasts a Biodynamic Certification, and it became the first vineyard in the United States to become Regenerative Organic Certified.

But What Does All Of That Mean?

(It’s even cooler than you might think, because… it involves dogs (Bjorn & Adelita), sheep and an alpaca named Paco.)

“We believe in the potential for regenerative agriculture to make a meaningful contribution to solving the world’s most pressing climate and resource challenges.”

Organic certification was just the beginning. They achieved biodynamic certification in 2017 by the use of farm animals, rather than equipment. Best explained from the Tablas Creek website, this includes a:

“flock of 150+ sheep and alpacas to weed and fertilize the vineyard, interplantings of hundreds of fruit trees around and within the vineyards, compost made on-site from prunings and grape must, applications of compost tea from the on-site compost, natural pest controls including 39 owl boxes around the vineyard and sections of native vegetation left to attract insects and predators, and our own hives of bees to support all these different plant species.”

Sheep and alpaca grazing the vineyard at Tablas Creek

The use of farm animals reduces the use of machinery, synthetic fertilizers, synthetic pest control, and more.  Simply and beautifully put by the Tablas Creek viticulturist, Jordan Lonborg, it is “farming like the world depends on it”. 

Jordan Lonborg, Tablas Creek viticulturist

Can you see where the enthusiasm comes from? Wine is enjoyable in itself but this is wine made with purpose. This is wine you can sip with pride.

Behind the Winemaker 

We’ve been working closely with Jason Haas, son of renowned importer and founder, Robert Haas. As a second-generation winemaker, it’s in Jason’s blood and it shows in the wine he makes. On top of overseeing the business and wine-making operations, Jason has become a strong voice in the industry speaking in favor of organic viticulture and on winemaking topics to audiences around the country.

Suffice it to say he’s busy, and having been voted 2015 Paso Robles Wine Country Wine Industry Person of the Year, and 2017 San Luis Obispo County Wine Industry Person of the Year, we are honored to share his wine, passion, and winemaking techniques on our taps.

Jason Haas, General Manager and Partner at Tablas Creek Vineyards

Join Sixty Vines And Jason Haas For One Awesome Evening

Don’t just take our word for it, you can join Gene Zimmerman to learn all about this inspiring vineyard, the incredible team behind it, and the wine they make at our interactive in-person tasting with the man himself, Jason Haas. Stay on the lookout for more information coming in July!

Want to take a video tour of the property? Check out this video: