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Friends don’t let friends settle for a one-night fling with a bottle of wine when they can enjoy long-term, sustainable relationships with wines on tap. We’ve hand-picked a few of our wine partners that share our passion for sustainability and keg their incredible wines for us. We think you’ll love them just as much as we do!


Lange Estate is speaking our love language with their environmental responsibility! Lange is Live Certified (AKA the highest level of certification for sustainable viniculture) for their practices in preserving native habitat, watershed quality, and wildlife. They're like a breath of fresh air, with the energy produced by their solar panels having the yearly C02 cleansing ability of 13,780 trees. We can’t forget to mention their Salmon Safe Certification for reducing harmful runoff and enhancing native biodiversity in their vineyard. They're not just wine makers, they're earth-savers and we're head over heels for them!

Our Picks to Sip:

Lange Estate Pinot Noir

Lange Estate Chardonnay


We have a thing for Round Pond and it's not just because of their delicious wines! They're like the ultimate green thumb, using a no-till cover crop of native grasses to nourish soils while preserving habitats of native bees and wasps and using sheep for weed management instead of tractors or harsh pesticides. Let's not forget about their composting game! They turn post-harvest grape pomace into gold by using it to replenish vineyard soils, closing the waste loop. Not to mention, they create custom small production wines exclusively for Sixty Vines which is kind of a huge deal.

Our Picks to Sip:
  • Round Pond Estate Sauvignon Blanc
  • Round Pond Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

Margerum M5 is making waves in the wine world! With winemaker Doug Margerum being nominated as 2021 Winemaker of the Year by Wine Enthusiast, they're definitely doing something right. And let's not forget their commitment to making the planet a better place – every vineyard they manage or purchase from is sustainably farmed and most are certified organic swoon. Their Honea Estate Vineyard, is a unique location and specializes in Rhône grape varietals, and their goal is to be the best grower of these varietals in Santa Barbara County. It's like they're preserving unique varietals and promoting the love between wine and earth. If we’re the judge, mission accomplished Margerum!

Our Picks to Sip:

Margerum M5 White Blend

Margerum M5 Red Rhône Blend


We have a crush on Paul Hobbs because they're not just making great wine, they're making a great effort to be sustainable. They're like the recycling bin of the wine world - capturing runoff instead of using groundwater, using crops to release nutrients in the soil, and leaving 30% of vine rows uncultivated to prevent erosion. Plus, they're always thinking about the future - unlike a bottle of wine that's empty after one night, their vineyards will be around for many vintages to come. We're raising a glass to their commitment to the environment, and to their delicious wines!

Our Picks to Sip:

Crossbarn Pinot Noir

Crossbarn Chardonnay

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